What is SoreBox

StoreBox is an integrated software product for managing a sales office, wholesale warehouse, trading company with many sites warehouses, shops and restaurants

  • Designed to automate, optimize and manage the commercial activity of companies with a developed branch structure, subordinate offices, wholesale warehouses, shops, supermarkets, restaurants, mobile sites, delivery trade. It integrates a warehouse module, a module for reports and analyzes, a module for synchronization with mobile sites, settlements with customers, suppliers and pricing policy and promotions. Ability to work via Internet connectivity.
  • Warehouse administrative module. Carries out the maintenance of the database - description of the structure of the company, any number of stationary, mobile and remote sites, supermarkets, restaurants and cafes, nomenclatures, entering prices, trade discounts and determining the price policy of the company, preparation of reports, statements and export data, settlements with customers and suppliers.
  • Nomenclature of sites - includes all stationary or mobile sites in the structure of the company, which will be monitored inventory, movement and reporting.
  • Nomenclatures of articles - free tree structure without restrictions on the levels of groups, subgroups and articles. In addition to the standard code, name and price are supported: short code for easier and faster handling of goods in a special sales console, priority supplier for each item, different sales prices. Additional parameters for volume, weight and additional delivery costs.
  • Special system of trade discounts for determining a specific pricing policy for each customer.
  • Suppliers, a complete list of all suppliers with a detailed file and company data.
  • Clients, list of all clients with detailed data and complete file.
  • SUPTO module mfPOS - "Console for sales automation", in real time regardless of the distance of the object, barcode scanner. Cash register, report of the day. Control and acceptance of goods from the central site.
  • SUPTO module mfPOS - "Console for sales automation" in a restaurant, cafe, bar, bistro.
  • Module for preparation of reports and reports - Reports on the movement and availability of goods in different sections - one object, all objects summarized, all objects expanded in tabular form… by customers, grouped by groups, subgroups, dates, etc. Profit for a certain period formed by sales, the most profitable goods and the most shopping customers. Export to Excel, PDF, DOC, RTF, etc.
  • Module for delivery and sales with mobile devices - The main module is designed to synchronize the operation of mobile sites (delivery trade) with the central database. Through mobile devices, on-site sales are made to the customer upon delivery and invoices and fiscal vouchers are issued.
  • Module for accepting orders from sales representatives with mobile devices.
  • Storage module with mobile devices. - Creates a delivery document at the time of delivery and acceptance of the goods.
  • Module "Production and recipes" - Allows the creation of a structural nomenclature of articles, acts for production and disintegration of prescription materials
  • Audit package of reports, according to the requirements of Ordinance H-18.
  • Module "Service orders" - acceptance of service orders and their tracking. Serves service activities.
  • Module for automated acceptance of orders from the "CUB" system.
  • Modules for exporting information to various accounting systems and ERP.
  • Module for synchronization of remote objects with the main database via Internet connectivity.
  • Ability to integrate mobile sales and orders with other systems and ERP.
  • It is registered under number 176 in the list of the National Revenue Agency