Local networks and communication technologies

As a system integrator, our goal is to provide our clients and partners with investment protection, competitiveness and business prospects by building efficient and reliable solutions for their communications. We guarantee professional design, installation, training, maintenance, warranty and post warranty service and various additional services. In this way, we provide our customers with communication independence, which is the basis of every activity.

We provide efficient and reliable communications solutions tailored to the individual needs of consumers in different business spheres. We work in close partnership with the largest distributors and manufacturers of communication equipment, Internet and telecom operators to make cost-effective system solutions.


Passive Elements for Structured Cable Systems

Optical cables, plugs, panels and connectors of AMP, Krone, JE, Draka Multimedia Cable, SeaMax, Panduit etc .; FTP, S / FTP and PiMF shielded and unshielded UTP solids and Flex (Patch) cables of AMP, IBM, Draka Multimedia Cable, Seamax, etc., routers, connectors and panels from the AMP Communication Outlet (ACO) and “AMP 110Connect” and by KRONE and Panduit; distribution cabinets and accessories of TRITON (Czech Republic), RITTAL Openet ICS, Bran (Spain), etc .; cable ducts and PVC grills and accessories “UNEX” by Aparellaje Electrico S.A. (Spain) and metal grates of AEMSA (Spain)


Active devices for computer networks

Switches, Hubs, Network Adapters, Transceivers, Routers, Bridges, Access Devices, and Voice / Data Multiplexers ) of INTEL, CISCO, 3COM, NORTEL and TRENDware (USA); CISCO, NetGear, Intel, 3Com, Edimax, TPLink and TRENDware and D-Link wireless devices, BATM and Welltech VoIP devices.


Completed communications solutions based on AGFEO and NEC-PHILIPS telephone exchanges and systems AGFEO telephone systems (manufactured in Germany)

The main features of Agfeo telephone systems are:

  • remote configuration capability;
  • capacity from 2 to 70 internal posts;
  • possibility of using analog phones;
  • convenient for installation;
  • the Agfeo software (all-in-one!) allows easy PC access to all its applications: installing, managing addresses and appointments, controlling outgoing calls, monitoring incoming and outgoing calls, missed incoming calls, receiving a call you can get additional information about the calling subscriber that you have entered in advance, easy access to a speed dial phonebook, and many more features for every office, automatic re-dialing voicemail outgoing call, etc .;
  • Additional features – system programming, CLIP function even for analog phone without display, barrier control, lighting and others via your mobile phone, alarm function
  • Agfeo TK-Suite Hotel – a hotel program that can control the phone bills of any room, get information on whether the room is cleaned, the alarm clock function for each room, etc.
  • wireless communication capability using the Agfeo cellular DECT system;
  • possibility to connect remote offices of a company or organization to a PBX via the Internet, free phone calls between offices;
  • Agfeo TK-Suite Hotel – a hotel program that can control the phone bills of any room, get information about whether the room has been cleaned, the alarm clock function for each room, and more.


Presentation of the TK-Suite software
(requires a Power Point viewer)


NEC-PHILIPS communication platform

NEC-PHILIPS offers different platforms to provide reliable communications for both the current and future needs of each organization.




intelligent IP-PBX communication solution for small and medium-sized organizations