Shop management software, supermarket, restaurant, coffee aperitif, fast food

  • Modular software structure – Independent cash and administrative modules running simultaneously on the same database.
  • Cash Module – barcode support, touchscreen display.
  • Easy, intuitive interface. Extremely simple work.
  • Various payment options: cash, card (debit / credit), credit, points, voucher.
  • Customer support with bonus points with the option of a percentage discount or accumulation of bonus points.
  • Flexible structure with software setup options for restaurant, cafeteria or shop operation.
  • Flexible configuration for working with different objects, fiscal, POS and office printers.
  • Issuing invoices from the cashier module and working with clients.
    An administrative module with full functionalities for building nomenclatures, delivering supplies, auditing and reporting turnover and sales.
  • Price verification function. Return items and reversal of store sales.
  • A rich set of reports.
  • Works with EFTF and DTT or Tremol.
  • Complies with all the requirements of Ordinance H-18 and is included in the list of NRA for STUDO under number 54.