Computer Networks, Video Surveillance and Communications
Professional service authorized by top manufacturers.
Commercial software.
Web design and e-commerce.

As a systemintegrator, our goal is to present to our clients and partners the protection on investments, competitive and business-perspective, as we provide effective and reliable solutions for your information infrastructure. Our solutions are tailored with individual needs for the users from different industries for economic activities. We provide for our clients the information security, efficiency, reliability and independence, which is the basis for any prosperous activity. We guarantee professional design, delivery, installing, training, maintenance, warranty and post-warranty service and all sorts of additional services.

We work in close partnership with the biggest distributors and manufacturers of information and communication equipment, internet and telecommunication operators for establishing cost-effective systems solutions.

We offer commercial software with our development as well as solutions for e-commerce with synchronization with local and remove warehouses with other vendors and distributors, providing competitive advantage for our clients and partners.